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Hi, I'm Abbie.

A problem solving empath

If there is one thing that I want people to know about me is that I am a natural empath, who loves to problem solve, and values others' feedback. The most important core value to me is integrity because you are nothing without it. I enjoy collaborating with others, it opens the door to so many other potential ideas.

When I found UX, without knowing...

While studying Elementary and Special Education, I stumbled upon my love for UX. My science professor asked the class, “what are you a master at?” Organization! I loved using organizational tools to create lesson plans and structure my papers.

Looking back, there were so many parallels to UX design that I didn’t even think of. I synthesized data from assessments and student observations to develop lesson plans based on the student's needs. I was essentially UX-ifying my lesson plans.

Customer-first mindest

Most recently, I was a Marketing and Digital Media Manager in the hospitality industry where I thrived to provide each customer with an authentic experience that emulated the company brand. My empathetic nature allows me to always put the customer first.

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