I designed a concept project (web application) that assists service team members with workflow, communication, and overall customer service. 


One service that most people dread is getting a vehicle repaired. It can be a grueling experience and often quite expensive. While digging deeper into the service design of vehicle repair, I realized it is not only the customer who is dealing with a lot during this time. The service team is often overwhelmed and stressed due to the volume of vehicles they tend to every day. 


3 Day Sprint


  • Sketch

  • InVision


Sole UX Designer


  • User Interviews

  • Sketching

  • Service Blueprint

  • Survey

  • Wireframing

  • Affinity Mapping

The Opportunity

Service Advisors need an effective way to communicate and share updates with the customer. 







User Interviews

Survey Insights

I started by sending out a survey that focused on vehicle repair. This survey was sent out to my personal social network (Facebook, Slack, and LinkedIn) and was posted in various Reddit channels.

How many times in the past year has your vehicle been serviced? 

Where did you take your vehicle for service? 

How long did the service take? 

User Interview Insights

I contacted users from the survey that had listed their last vehicle repair experience as a 7 or under. Out of the 8 participants, I was able to interview 3. They all had very different experiences, but they had similar experiences.

 I hate that no one takes me seriously because I’m a girl/mom like I don’t understand that the filter I “have to have” is marked up 400% than if I bought it myself. It’s annoying.

  • Valued various payment options 

  • Scheduled services online 

  • Took their car to a shop they trusted

  • Valued communication initiated by the auto shop

  • Felt judged by service advisors

  • Enjoyed a welcoming environment 

  • Fears the unknown


The curveballs never stop and that is the best feeling of knowing that you are the one who gets to take a crack at it. You are the one who needs to persevere and take control of the situation.  The biggest thing that a person needs to be able to improve upon is themselves. Be prepared for the solutions, even if they are hard to come by.

Service Advisor

  • Values customer satisfaction/relationship 

  • 10-16 new vehicles in care daily 

  • 20-25 people throughout the day 

  • Honesty and trust are important to him 

  • Faces difficulty when explaining horrifying back order situations to customer 

  • Believes there is always something new to learn 

  • Tries his best to “dumb” things down

Service Blueprint
Problem Areas
  • Communication between customer & service advisor 

  • Customer service training- how to talk to people 

  • Communication to the customer about the status of the car 

  • Slow checkout process

  • Difficult time delivering information to women or people with lack of auto knowledge 

  • Lack of automotive knowledge 

  • Various forms of notifications/communication (text, email, message in app) 


Logo Design & Style Guide

Usability Testing 

Due to time constraints, I did not have time to test with users. As part of my next steps, I would complete the following to test this product: 

  • Beta test the mobile application with the internal team 

    • Service Advisor, Technician, Porter, and Cashier 

  • Conduct user interviews on current customers of the dealership as a baseline 

  • Surveys would be sent to the customers to see how their experiences were

Program Details

Next Steps...

  • Build out the training section

  • Create other user interfaces (technician/cashier/porter)

  • Create a customer mobile/web application 

  • Develop a way for videos and informative information to be provided to the customer through the application

What I enjoyed..

  • Service Design

  • Internal Interface design

  • Research

  • Synthesis/Analysis 

  • Wireframing 

  • Branding

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