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MCA Store

An e-commerce redesign with a focus on information architecture and the gift buying experience.

About Project

Some might argue that receiving a gift is better than giving, but many enjoy the gift-giving process. Whether that be in the store or online, gift-givers are looking for ways to give gifts with the same quality and customization as in the store.

The MCA gift shop website is a place for customers to buy merchandise featured in the store. Their inventory varies vastly from fashion, books, to the artwork. The primary focus of this project was information architecture and creating an easy navigation system.  

  • Usability testing

  • Business Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Interviews

  • Persona Development

  • Heuristic Analysis

  • Affinity Mapping

  • Wireframing

  • Storyboard

  • Prototyping 

  • Site Map

  • MoSCow Method

UX/UI Designer
2 Weeks



84 Responses


3 Tests


10 Interviews


5 Companies



There was a focus on gift recommendations 

I looked at a mixture of local and worldwide museum gift shops, and Amazon. It was clear that there was a strong focus on gift recommendations for various recipients. The museum's main focus point was the current exhibit. Custom gift options, such as card and gift wrapping, weren't featured on any of the competitors websites.


Getting to know MCA

I had the opportunity to interview the MCA's Business Analyst who oversees the store and website. Below are a few key insights from our interview. 

  • Increase revenue to support MCA Museum

  • Create buzz for current exhibit and merchandise

  • Prefer website to represent the museum's aesthetic/brand



Issues with navigation
Current MCA Store Website.png

Based on the heuristic analysis, I believed there were too many options on the home navigation.  I decided to conduct a card sorting activity which confirmed the users were confused by the different categories, especially the gift section. They also placed items that might be a suggested gift into these categories as well.

  • Categories were overwhelming 

  • Unable to identify with category types

  • Too many categories 

  • Repetitive categories/subcategories



Who will use the product?

I had the opportunity to interview customers while they were in the store shopping. I did have assumptions that users preferred shopping online, but the interviews led me to a completely different conclusion. All of the customers I interviewed enjoyed shopping in the store.  They appreciated having someone assist them with gift suggestions for particular people, gift wrapping options, and overall excellent customer service. 

The Gift Giver

  • Values her judgment over others

  • Does not enjoy online shopping

  • Appreciates flexibility and honesty 

  • Values human interaction and experiences 

  • Evaluates her constraints first when making a decision on where she is going to shop

  • Recommendations are important

Woman shopping for a gift
"I hate shopping, but when I do I will shop at small boutiques for gifts. I enjoy the special touch they put into the gift wrapping."
MCA Background.png


The Problem

The users enjoy purchasing gifts in the store, but they also prefer buying online when time constraints occur. They need a way to ensure the gifts purchased are of good quality and insightful for the recipient.

How to build trust

Users found it difficult to trust online gift purchases because they weren't able to receive the same attention to detail and recommendations that they would during an in-store purchase. By incorporating a customized gift buying experience into the website, the user will feel confident and trustworthy of shopping online at the MCA store. 



The ultimate gift experience

The user interviews made it very clear that MCA store customers were looking for an experience that was similar to the one they received in-store. How could MCA create the same experience as in-store? What about offering the same gift wrapping and recommendations that their staff provides in-store? 

While interviewing at the MCA store, customers mentioned that they had often found themselves in a pickle and needed to order a gift online. This is where the lack of trust came in because they would have to ship the package to themselves to gift wrap and add a card.


 At MCA store, the staff offers to gift wrap every purchase and they sell various greeting cards. To create that memorable experience gift options including gift wrap and different cards based on the occasion. The customer would also have endless gift categories to choose from, which imitates the in-store recommendations of the staff, allowing the customer to find trust in the online shopping experience.

MCA Store Storyboard


1st Iteration


Checkout process = confusion

This approach offered insight on how the user’s navigated through the gift purchasing process and signing up for the newsletter. There was some confusion initially on what was considered a budget friendly gift. One user even mentioned that they would think that a budget friendly gift would be below $20. Based on the results from the usability test, I was able to revisit the check out process and adjust based on the users needs. 

Task #1

Purchase a budget friendly gift. 

Task #2

Send a gift to your friend.

Task #3

Find a way to get information sent to you on a regular basis. 

Landing Page.png

Users were confused about the store/museum, they didn’t know what the button did. They also clicked MCA to go back to landing page instead of the store. I updated it to the simple MCA store logo, so there would be less confusion. This button will lead them back to the landing page from any page. 

Shipping Filled Out.png

Users were confused that there were 2 continue buttons which made them believe the buttons had different actions. I moved the contact information with the shipping, because it should be the person who needs to be contacted during shipping. I also eliminated 2 continue buttons, since it was the same action.

MCA Background.png


High Fidelity


Oh, IA adore you! 

The majority of the time spent on this project was on research and information architecture, leaving less time for ideation during the design process. It was interesting trying to find the balance of what the business wants and the user's needs. If I had more time, I would have continued usability testing on the high definition mock-ups. 

Hand Drawing
What I found enjoyment in...

I found this project enjoyable because I was able to dig into the information architecture of the MCA website. I am a minimalist at heart, which made it easy for me to enjoy organizing and structuring the website in a manner that aligned to the user's needs. I also enjoyed revisiting this project and updating the branding and creating high-fidelity wireframes. When you go to MCA it has this minimal modern vibe, and I feel that I effectively captured this in the redesigned website.